To anyone seeking HRT in Dallas, do NOT contact Dr. Karen King. She no longer does HRT and her receptionist is hateful and rude. She used slurs over the phone with me and told me to “find a real man” when I explained that I was looking for resources for my husband.

I really, really, really want to call and just absolutely give her a piece of my mind. How dare she

For all my sisters here in Dallas!

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Anonymous: Id like to reccommend Pathways Center in Essex CT! I recently had a psych eval with Dr. barbierri, a lovely, kind, and funny woman. She genuinely listened to me and had interest in what i had to say. The staff are kind and the place is well maintained. Good mental health services are hard to find in CT so if you live in middlesex county check this center out!

Anonymous: Dr. Elizabeth George / Lafayette, IN / Franciscan Women's Health Clinic / Dr. George is a wonderful OB-GYN who's queer-friendly (not sure if trans friendly) and is very good about patient confidentiality; I need to keep my sexuality a secret from relatives and she kept it out of my file. She's also good about ADHD and will continue writing medication prescriptions from previous doctors (she's my general physician). I'd recommend her to anyone.

paint-riarchy: Carolyn Mehlomakulu in Austin, TX She is an EXCELLENT therapist. She helped me stop cutting, and was excellent and reducing stress. She was very good about providing more resources (guide books, etc.) and, most importantly, was QUEER-FRIENDLY. I can't speak for her openness to trans people, but she was very open to my polysexuality. Plus, she is also a licensed art therapist. The only drawback about Dr. M was that she is on the second story with no elevator. But all in all, GREAT.

Anonymous: im trying to find a good therapist in indiana does anyone have recommendations? i'm gay and that's not exactly the best thing to be in indiana

Avoid Dr. Fidderer in Spokane, WA, USA

Dr. Fitterer is a gastroenterologist in Spokane WA. He is sexist, heterosexist, has anger issues, and is the worst doctor I have ever had. He told me my gall-bladder pains were “girl issues” and that I could “suck it up, princess”. I have crohn’s disease, I know pain and I have dealt with it for years. I know when something is worthy of a doctors appointment. This man is not only the worst doctor, but the worst person I have ever had to encounter. I honestly believe, after doing simple searches for patient reviews and finding dozens of other women with similar issues, that he should have his license taken and practice ended.