Avoid Dr. Fidderer in Spokane, WA, USA

Dr. Fitterer is a gastroenterologist in Spokane WA. He is sexist, heterosexist, has anger issues, and is the worst doctor I have ever had. He told me my gall-bladder pains were “girl issues” and that I could “suck it up, princess”. I have crohn’s disease, I know pain and I have dealt with it for years. I know when something is worthy of a doctors appointment. This man is not only the worst doctor, but the worst person I have ever had to encounter. I honestly believe, after doing simple searches for patient reviews and finding dozens of other women with similar issues, that he should have his license taken and practice ended. 

Two DRs to avoid in Edmonton, Alberta

Dr. Mohammed is a GP and Dr. Fawzia El-Fakharany is a gynecologist, and they are both horrible. I had to get a refferal through Dr. Mohammed to see Dr. El-Fakharany due to issues I was experiencing with my menstrual cycle. After being told by him that basically any issues I’m having are because of my weight (without actually doing an examination or anything of that nature), he made me book another appointment with him. I did so, and again it was basically a 20 minute lecture on my weight. However, he never actually looked at me. He was looking at his computer screen the entire time. I was trying to explain my issues to him, and he just kept saying, “If you lose weight, you would be amazed with how many problems go away.”
I finally got in to see Dr. El-Fakharany (they refer to her by her first name at this clinic though, so Dr. Fawzia) it was basically the same thing. I was sent to have an ultrasound done, blood tests, heart test, and so on. I came back with not a thing being wrong with me (my menstrual cycle was irregular for that time simply because of the amount of stress I was going through), and yet she diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (even though she said the only thing that I had out of the list of symptoms that could even hint at it being the problem was my weight). She tried to get me to start a medication, without actually trying to figure out what was wrong. She just assumed that because I was fat, I had this disorder. 
Between those two Dr.’s, I’ve never felt more humiliated in my life. Especially since they themselves are overweight (Dr. Fawzia actually said it was okay for her to be heavy because she was older than me). 
They are fat-shaming, lazy, triggering Dr’s that don’t actually care about their patients. 

Zeb Khan, MD

Frederick, Maryland, at Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Services when I saw him. 

Never took me seriously and never remembered any of my imformation. Every time I saw him he would ask the same questions; how are you doing in school, what grade are you in etc. and every single time I would tell him I’d been out of school for over a year. When I finally achieved my long-time goal of being accepted into an art school he went on a 30-minute rant about how college is a ‘government scam’ and I would be ‘trapped in debt’ for the rest of my life. Nice thing to say to an anxiety patient.

Topeka, Kansas Family service and Guidance center

I had been suffering abuse both at home and at school, so my school forced me into this counseling thing. I was already nervous by then. I don’t know her position, but she was rather mean, forcing me to constantly repeat triggering things, like how my step dad had beaten me and anyone in my family. She was condescending, and had me put onto strong ADHD medicine  (Which wasn’t even what I saw her for).It made me thin, having the appearance of the stereotypical anorexic. (No offence, couldn’t find a way to describe it)  It caused my ulcer, which I will be needing surgery for. He name Was Crystal, But I can’t remember her full name anymore.

Warning: Lahey Clinic (MA, NH)

If you’re in MA just stay away from Lahey Clinic 

My dad used to work there, and I used to be a patient there (until very recently, because his work insurance didn’t give us a choice)

They will not take you seriously. The hospital literally does not care about you or your well being unless you are using some of its most expensive facilities (ie, surgery departments), and even then its only because they can bill your insurance company to hell and back

If you are fat, mentally ill, trans, a person of color, invisibly ill (nothing shows up in your bloodwork), or any combination of the above, you’re going to have a horrible time. They will do whatever they can to pass you off onto someone else, or ignore you altogether.

If you miraculously do get treatment, they will make you jump through all kinds of hoops to get your medicine. If you need a refill, you need at least a week’s notice, and a week of calling every day to remind them. They will inevitably ‘lose’ your prescription. They will accuse you of hoarding medicine. They will refuse to fill medicine, even medicine that is literally necessary to your health, and detrimental to be taken off of.

Behind the scenes, people are cutting as many corners as possible. Most employees are encouraged to do so. Doctors are untouchable in terms of criticism, but every other employee is disposable, and frequently humiliated. Moral is at rock bottom.

I can’t even get into most of the horrible shit my dad has seen; This is justmy experience as a patient. Suffice to say, it only gets worse the more you know. 

Other people have also reached out to talk about [TW: death]  their experiences

RECOMMENDED - Ghoush Psychiatric Services - Anchorage, AK

As a clinic, it’s wonderful. Dr. Ghoush sits with the parent, listens, actually seems to care, and has lots of creative and helpful solutions that will fit most people’s situations. He holds group pediatric therapy for children with social disorders at his clinic. Then, after the parents are done talking to him, he brings the child in separate and speaks with them one-on-one.

My son suffers from autism spectrum level 1 (formerly aspergers), and has been seeing him for a year, with no signs of distress or upset. He only ups the meds when they aren’t working, and offers alternatives if the parents aren’t liking the results shown with the current meds or can’t afford the medication that they are on. He is a pediatric specialist, and he seems to work really well with the parents and the children.

Marianne von Hippel - LaTouche Pediatrics, Anchorage, AK

I took my son there for a second opinion (he’d been diagnosed with ADHD by the pediatrician on base, but there were indicators that he may have had a form of autism instead). This woman was touted as being a specialist on ADHD. I went into the room first, my two children were left in the hallway. My son was not on any medications, because I didn’t want that to skew the doctors view.

I explained that the stimulants (he’d been on ritalin and concerta previously) were turning him into a zombie and he was losing an unhealthy amount of weight and asked if there were any alternatives. She spoke to me without observing my son or speaking with him for almost an hour. Then she had my son come in for a physical, which she spend 5 minutes on, then sent him out of the room, at which point she declared he DID have ADHD, and recommended I put him on Aderall.

She refuses to listen, doesn’t actually care about anything but her perceptions, did not order any tests to see if this might be an accurate diagnosis and didn’t express any concern that a 7 year old boy only weight 38lbs. I have not taken my son back to her since.

Millwood Hospital in Arlington Texas

Millwood hospital at 1011 N Cooper St, in Arlington Texas is an absolutely horrendous, abusive hospital that’s only goal is to take your money.

I was hospitalized there for a week when I was fifteen due to a suicide attempt and panic disorder. During that time I did not once see a therapist, and I saw a psychiatrist once and was given sedatives and anti-psychotics that cost $504 a prescription, despite the fact I did not have psychosis or any history of violence or anything that would warrant sedatives. We were kept in a tiny filthy hallway, two to a room with beds with no mattresses or sheets, woken up at four in the morning for blood tests every day, constantly berated by the staff.

The staff are unbelievably unprofessional, they will talk about patients in front of us as if we weren’t there, calling us ‘Lazy’ ‘Crazy’ and ‘Self absorbed” and would constantly tell us how much of a burden we were on our parents. We were constantly threatened with ‘booty juice’ which is what they called the sedatives they would give when they restrained you, for the smallest altercation, such as not getting up quickly enough for the 4 am blood test, or swearing.

We were often in the company of only male orderlies who made sexually suggestive comments to us and about us (all of us were girls, under 16, many of whom were there to deal with the trauma of rape and abuse) and when we brought this to the attention of the female staff they said we were being childish and refused to report it.

To top it all off, this hellish ordeal which has left me terrified of being hospitalized again, cost $17,500 for the week, not including the $504 for medication, and would not take insurance, and required payment upfront in one payment. The continued to hound my family, saying we did not pay in full despite the fact we have records saying we did

Good and bad in south Jersey

1. A psychiatrist in Cherry Hill, NJ. His name was either Dr. Kahn or Dr. Mohammed. Not a bad doctor, just his payment setup thing is very bad.

2. Dr. Kimler with Inspira Medicine. Rushes you and is just rude overall. Pitman, NJ.


1. Dr. Kravchuck of Main Street psychological services. Very kind and accepting. Pretty good with pronouns and sexual identities. Calm and considerate. Glassboro, NJ.

2. Dr. Elizabeth Burns. Very kind. Can be somewhat forgetful, and sometimes her appointments with other patients over run your appointment time (did that make sense?) I’m not sure how she is with gender identity or sexuality. Her office is in Gloucester Township I believe.

Dr. Psarakis: General Care Practioner, Melbourne FL

Would not talk to me directly during the appointment. I was in there to see him for advice on how to handle my ongoing recovery from emergency brain surgery—namely, if he knew a neurosurgeon he could refer me to, as I was supposed to be checked on a period of time after discharge from a 2-month hospital stay.

Asked my mother all the questions about my abilities instead of me. I was 24 (am 25 now) and perfectly capable of answering them myself. Took her word over mine if the two contradicted, despite the fact that my mother was not the one suffering the effects and has the nasty tendency to only believe me if it suits her getting something. Performed a rudimentary neurological exam (asking me to remember a number of words and then repeat to him after a few minutes) and declared me fit and recovered, despite the fact that I did not pass the test. Would not listen to my telling him that I have debilitating memory and focus problems. He is not a neurosurgeon (the specific specialist I was told to get the clear from when discharged from the hospital), or even a neurologist (which I had seen previously and who backed up the need for a neurosurgeon to look me over), and has no right to be making this kind of diagnosis. 

I was there for a referral. He is not licensed beyond general/primary care and yet feels it’s within his right to make medical diagnoses on a patient to whom he would not even address his questioning. He is my mother’s primary care physician, not mine, and his bias was very clear. The appointment was for me, and yet I was secondary in the conversation, the assessment, everything. A year later, I still have not been able to see a neurosurgeon and continue to have memory and focus problems, so his interference has directly affected my recovery.