CAMH: Terminate Dr. Kenneth Zucker


Dr. Kenneth Zucker is the head of CAMH’s Children’s Gender Identity Clinic. He believes in reparative therapy — the idea that you can “fix” trans and gender non-conforming children by forcing them to act like the gender commonly associated with their assigned sex (ie, make ‘boys’ play with trucks, make ‘girls’ play with dolls, and punish those who refuse).

Through my work with trans communities over the past five years, I’ve come to meet many of Zucker’s patients. Overwhelmingly, they report strongly bad experiences. Many say that Zucker’s meddling set them back by years, and in some cases, decades. Some have reported lasting mental health consequences including depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders, and anxiety disorders following treatment at his hands. Trans youth also report his causing problems and conflicts with their families, making it more difficult for their families to accept and celebrate their transitions.

I do not take it lightly to say that it is my belief that he is abusing children through the use of reparative therapy. Reparative therapy is widely criticized for its damaging use on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning people — there is no reason this ineffective and damaging technique should be used on trans and gender non-conforming youth under any circumstances.

Please signal boost and sign this petition. I don’t know if it will really have an effect on his standing at CAMH, but I do hope that it will at least make more parents aware that this man is not a safe medical services provider for trans and gender non-conforming youth in Canada.

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Anonymous: (I may have accidentally asked this already) Do you take submissions on veterinarians as well? I know they aren't people doctors, but my pets are as big a part of my family as my siblings.

yeah, i wouldnt have a problem w it, anyway.


Your experience

I am sorry to hear of your experience with my office. I am a contract employee with the clinic you visited. I agree that your situation is completely unacceptable and the clinic has ongoing issues with this. I don’t think this should reflect me as a practitioner. I have many loyal clients and always am progressive and caring in my treatment. If we were able to have an evaluation I would gaurentee you would have appreciated my approach. You can confirm with the loyal patient base I have. I wish you had targeted your complaints against porters neck and not myself because this again is not my office and I’m only a contract employee. I provide an integrative approach to medicine and was a disciple of dr. Andrew Weil. Also an extensive research background and keep on the cutting edge of science. My full apologies but I think you directed your complaint at the wrong person. All the best. Dr. Revell

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Anonymous: Can anyone suggest any NB-friendly doctors in Kentucky or Indiana, preferably close to Louisville? Any kind of doctor.




Dr. B. Gupta in Louisville, Kentucky, USA is a known trans/homophobic psych. I have personally been turned away from his services because of my gender and sexuality when I was forced to come out to him, he proceeded to tell me that he could no longer help me. Please spread this like wildfire. We may not have many psychs here but this guy is not worth your money.

I live near you. Boosted.

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I don’t know what else to do. I’ve tried to keep my head above water. For most of you who know me, that wasn’t happening with any real success. I was making just enough to pay bills, student loans, and MAYBE eat. 

If anyone can help, sweet. If you can’t, also sweet. If you don’t approve, please keep it to yourself. If you think this is easy for me, you’re wrong. 

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lamiroirr: Do you or any of your followers have any opinions on Hampton Behavioral Health Center in Cherry Hill NJ?

psychiatrist to NOT avoid

Dr. Zinia Thomas, Spectrum Psychiatry, St. Louis, MO. Came to her with severe depression and moderate OCD. She is very careful both with her dosing and her medication and she is very fond of prescribing vitamins/therapy in tandem with medications. She also fixed the harm that another psychiatrist did to my moirail (had him on an emergencies-only anti-panic attack pill… as an every-morning anti-anxiety one).

I would not be alive without her.

Herrick Hospital— Berkeley CA

I was both an inpatient and outpatient in their psych ward and IOP (intensive outpatient program) and many staff members were virulently classist. For example, a nurse there told me, unsolicited, that I should stop financially aiding my little sister because “it was her irresponsible decision to drop out of high school” and when I talked back to her, trying to explain the reason my sister had to drop out was because she was constantly beat up by classmates and harassed by school cops in her low-income urban high school, and confronted her about numerous other instances of classism on the ward, she had me forcibly medicated and transferred me to the psychotic ward in retaliation despite the fact i had no diagnosis or symptoms of psychosis. The ward was also very fatphobic and transphobic. In the IOP program I also witnessed multiple racial microaggressions— for example, a Latino patient constantly being asked “what country he comes from” with the assumption he was born outside of the US, even though no one else was ever asked that question and he was born and raised in southern california.