CVS Minute Clinic, 13777 Pearl Road, Strongsville, OH

I do not remember the name of the doctor I saw, but I went in for a sore throat. The doctor took one look and was very sure it was strep and wanted to do a throat swab test to be sure. I have panic attacks when getting my throat swabbed, normally I’m at least calm enough to get the swab in my mouth. With this doctor after I started to have a panic attack she was forceful, pushing my head against the wall, plugging my nose to get me to open my mouth, as well as trying to force a tongue depressor in mouth. The whole time she was practically yelling at me (though I was having a panic attack so I don’t know) that I was 21 years old I shouldn’t be acting like this. My grandma was in the room the whole time with me and finally had enough of both of us and said we were leaving. The doctor made me sign paper work basically saying I wouldn’t sue, and was very rude about it. Found out later I was still charged for the test even though there never was any test, mother is upset about that since another minute clinic didn’t charge when I wasn’t able to do the throat swab. I went to the Cleveland Clinic in Strongsville the next day not only found out that other people have had problems at that minute clinic, but after quickly being looked at the Cleveland Clinic doctor said I more likely had mono than strep which I did and was also badly dehydrated. Sadly now my panic attacks when it comes to a throat swab have become so much worse to the point where I start crying just seeing a doctor with the swab.

I recommend going to Express Clinic over by the South Park Mall. If anything the staff was much nicer.